St Andrews Medical Foundation

Hospital Background

The Marigot Health Care System and its flagship (Marigot Hospital) came into existence about 100 years ago to meet the health needs of a community that hitherto did not have adequate healthcare or access to same. The idea of constructing a hospital and raising funds to accomplish this goal was the vision of Mr. Martin Luther Boland. With contributions from persons within the target area (Marigot to Carib Territories) and a generous donation from a Canadian on island (Mr. Cacauley) who had interest in providing health services, seed funds to construct a hospital was secured. Land on which the hospital was subsequently constructed was generously donated by Mr. Adophus George. The original structure was constructed by Mr. Charles Burton. The facility provided routine medical, midwifery and obstetrical, surgical and Emergency services to a large catchment in St. Andrews Parish (from Calibishie to Kalingo Territories).

It was staffed initially by rotating cadres of regional medical officers, British and Polish physician till the 1950 when Dominican doctors assumed that responsibility. With the opening of the Melville hall Airport in the 1960s, the Marigot hospital also served to cover casualties that may arise from that facility. The government of Dominica assumed responsibility for staffing, maintenance and procuring supplies for the hospital in the 1960s.

Notwithstanding, the hospital continued to receive generous material donations from groups and organization within Dominica and abroad that augmented daily operational activities. Approximately, twenty years later, with leadership from two ICM Sisters who resided in Woodford Hill and generous philanthropy from Mrs. Anaclet Thomas, the facility was upgraded. Unfortunately, within the past 15 years, the faculties have been poorly maintained and was left to deteriorate to the extent that it had to be closed in 2013 because of vermin and termite infestation. Accident and Emergency Care was shifted to the Wesley Health Clinic and a temporary health Clinic was established in a Private Facility in Marigot. The latter facility has since experienced termite infestation and is barely operational. At this point on the community's history, the majority population of St. Andrews Parish, portions of St. David Parish and the National Airport do not have effective health Care Services.

The accident and Emergency Facility in Wesley has limited capacity to meet the needs of such a large catchment. Lives have been jeopardized and reportedly, at least one individual has died due to lack of adequate medical care in St. Andrew's parish. This is unacceptable and highlight the need for a new way forward. A new, comprehensive facility is needed to address the health needs of the people in St. Andrews Parish and the Douglas Charles (formerly Melville Hall) Airport. Accordingly, St. Andrews Health Foundation (SAHF) has been established to serve and augment all efforts to bring health care services to the people living in Dominica's largest Parish. SAHF is a 501c3 charitable foundation established in the United States to assist the people of St Andrew Parish. St Andrews Hospital Foundation is to raise funds for medical equipment, supplies and facilities to improve the general welfare of patients, staff and residents of the St. Andrews Parish in the Commonwealth of Dominica.